Other blog sites/Apps

More for my own reference point; if I’ve used something that was effective in the classroom, it should appear elsewhere on my site…

  • One that’s not a blog… but a resource! Virtual manipulatives on Polypad. The rest of their site is worth exploring.
  • And then there is this file (248 pages of it!) recommended on twitter by D Meyer and co. on functions / graphs etc
  • The math-play app/site has a range of different game type activities, such as this one on rounding decimals…
    (NB> for a rounding decimals activity with dice, check out this nrich page)

Keen to also keep a record of apps that may/may not be of use that I’ve heard others speak highly of or explored/signed up for briefly:

  • Socrative
  • nearpod
  • Pear Deck
  • knowledgehook
  • There’s also the Endeavor Game that is looking to be prescribed one day as an ADHD help!

And here is one very random page… but wanted to keep a handy record of Sara VanDerWerf’s post on phones in class! Thoughtful, thought provoking and well-considered.