Data and Statistics

A huge field of info. and resources I could include under this post I’m sure!

Thought at least I’d pop down a couple of resources that I’d used when introducing/teaching the topic, with reference to subtopic/year level perhaps…

Year 8, general intro – why use charts? Split the class into two and give one half the raw data of a file like the one below, the other the charts (don’t let them see each others). Ask them a few questions – get them to pop their hand up when they find the answer. A pattern is quickly revealed! Why is it so easy for some? Then reveal what’s going on. The powerpoint here shows some of the types of questions, then gives a random graph with certain details hidden that can be used as a discussion starter – what could this graph be about? What might the values on the left end columns be – and how do you know? etc…

Data_for_graphing_task Graphing intro

There’s also a desmos activity on misleading graphs

Have also used to use the videos about that guy who loves data/animations to get them excited about statistics – Hans Rosling – e.g. see here. (or someone else’s TED talk)

In terms of working with statistics, e.g. starting to analyse measures of centre etc (mean, median, mode) – here’s a page linking to lessons from makemathmoments.

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