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Facing a new (well since 6+ years ago!) scenario for 2020 where I’ll be responsible for a pastoral care group (PCG) each morning at school. This is not a maths post… but one of those other important aspects of teaching I’m keen to primarily pool resources for, and also reflect on as necessary. Here goes…

  • Begin with a class name! Gives identity and helps connect/unite people
  • Can play ‘themed’ hangman – e.g. things that are stinky
  • Food is king! Can do brekkie’s etc., whether that be bacon and eggs or waffles etc., or cakes etc. in general
  • Giant ‘Jenga’ type games that might be available, or others like Finska, Bocce, Cornball etc.
  • Link to a few games that look ok here
  • Old school trivia is always good fun (example), or online things like Kahoot!
  • Remember to mix up groups at different stages so students can develop broader connections. Can use sites to help allocate random groups (e.g.
  • Random shapes for back to back drawing is a sample of shapes that can be used for getting kids in pairs to draw back-to-back to develop/discuss communication skills. Can add lots more!
  • A really useful platform discovered during 2021 lockdown was Brightful – even without subscription they can generate pictionary ideas or would you rather questions etc (eg. here and here)
  • List of other games from scraps of paper I’d come across include:
    • Egg & Spoon race/relay (with raw or boiled eggs!)
    • Jump the river – lay two ropes out, jump across, make wider and continue til all knocked out
    • Frisbee golf idea, even with hoola hoops, possibly at different heights
    • Water relay – use two large sponges in a bucket of water to fill up another bottle placed away
    • Extreme bucket ball – basically netball but with ‘goal’ being a bucket held by someone on a chair. Tried something similar once with ping pong balls and having players use plastic cups instead of their hands!
    • Three ball soccer – three on at once!
    • Death ball worth a try, along with the good old ‘pizza tray’ game or shoe throwing!

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