Solving Equations

Wanted to pool a few resources here that I have come across to use for solving equations – there’s a mix of one-step and two-step stuff out there of course and one with a number of ‘game’ type activities was here from Izlomek. There is also the solve me mobiles that are quite a good introduction. Keep in mind the clothesline maths ideas too!

Speaking of the mobiles… here is a sequence of desmos tasks that look quite helpful for working through an understanding of solving equations (about a Middle School level?):

  1. Intro: using mobiles/visuals
  2. Review
  3. Review 2
  4. And a breakout room style challenge activity

I also thought Sarah Carter had some good resources on her site that she provides downloads for etc. for free. A number of these were one-step or variable on one side, but there were also some for variables on both sides and some overall rules to follow.

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