Solving Equations

Wanted to pool a few resources here that I have come across to use for solving equations – there’s a mix of one-step and two-step stuff out there of course and one with a number of ‘game’ type activities was here from Izlomek. There is also the solve me mobiles that are quite a good introduction. Keep in mind the clothesline maths ideas too!

Speaking of the mobiles… here is a sequence of desmos tasks that look quite helpful for working through an understanding of solving equations (about a Middle School level?):

  1. Intro: using mobiles/visuals
  2. Review
  3. Review 2
  4. And a breakout room style challenge activity

There’s also the ‘smallest solution‘ task that looks a good way to test how they’re going solving them with opportunity for feedback (as desmos does so well of course!)

I also thought Sarah Carter had some good resources on her site that she provides downloads for etc. for free. A number of these were one-step or variable on one side, but there were also some for variables on both sides and some overall rules to follow.

Found something from Jon and Kyle on mathisvisual too and something on solving 2 step equations on making math moments.

Shelley the Snail on desmos shows linear representation of solutions and looks at some equivalent solutions too.

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