Scientific Notation

Keen at this point just to make a reference to Sarah’s page with a stack of activities around scientific notation. I’m going to try some of these out and ideally report back on here any reflections. (I’ve added a mockup word file of some of the resources below – the links had expired from Sarah’s page for the puzzle and bingo sheets!)

Scientific Notation Activities

Here is another link to a page of Dan Meyer’s (from 2010!) helping to ‘develop the need’ (as he likes to do) for scientific notation. Worth checking out.

Also… a shame it’s superbowl and not Aus-centric, but this post also has a nice activity around advertising but with some more thought provoking questions as well.

And here is one from Robert Kaplinsky: ‘how many stars are there in the universe

This one is a desmos ‘scientific notation war‘ activity and then there is this ‘balance the scale‘ desmos task…


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