Introduction to Trigonometry

With many thanks to Dan Pearcy I stumbled across his introduction to trigonometry lesson. I ran it with my year 9 advanced class and I thought it was great! Love the moment when I started writing out all the ratios and the comments around the room on cue started: “surely we aren’t going to write all these out”, “we are going to run out of room sir” etc! Good fun and a great way to get into the ratios without just plonking SOH CAH TOA on the board!!

(Just in case anything happens to Dan’s page, I’ve included the files below that students need to measure/fill out to build ratios)introduction-to-trig (1)¬†and similar triangles

Here’s a great desmos problem solving activity on ‘practical trigonometry’

NB: This link is for a youtube video showing just what is the sine, cosine wave etc. Looks interesting… perhaps more useful for something like an 11 methods class?

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