Maths/Math related stories and/or books to read

We know how much everybody loves a story. I was encouraged to pursue this through a number of talks/tweets/articles etc. (including the full detailed run-through on lesson planning by Jon Orr and Mathletepearce!). I was also encouraged beginning this in 2016 with some attempts to incorporate stories into my maths class.

One of the best things I found was ‘crafting’ something that had happened in class into a story (eg. tale of someone who avoided something fearing they would get stuck, later worked it out etc, later revealing it was me! Also used a story along the lines of the hare and the rabbit about persevering, as well as using soccer stats from a book to add story/context. Another one in 2019 was telling a story of a boy who moved to a cold climate and thought the world would end since he’d never seen a thermometer drop below 0 deg!)

Aside from that though, here are some links to stories that I found I could weave into a maths lesson somehow:

EDIT: Before I got to working on my list, I came across this site called mathsthroughstories! Check out the recommendations page!

Also, here is a page of book recommendations from AITSL (inc. one from Eddie Woo – Alex’s Adventures in Numberland)

Ok, and here is where I can build my list:


On a slightly separate note are some links below on books recommended to read:


And for something that’s not story related, but art based, check out this site through youcubed connections.

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