Linear Equations

In terms of an introduction to linear relationships, I could try this desmos activity?

Haven’t used this particular resource yet but came across it through twitter. Seems to have a good series of activities (including desmos) to help understand graphing linear equations.

Here is one of the desmos ones that may not be found on the site? It’s called ‘Connect the Dots‘ and involves a partner game.

When it comes to writing equations based from a graph (something I know year 8 needed practice at!) this desmos activity looks great.

There is also a 3-act framework task here on writing the equation of a line given two points.

How many hotdogs… is one of Robert Kaplinsky’s lessons involving using linear equations/functions etc to solve a problem.

This desmos activity involves transformations to the equations, noticing the effect on the lines etc.

This could be a good game/activity combining a few equations idea in the ‘among us’ style game.

Haven’t explored this one yet from Robert Kaplinsky on driving fines in Finland!

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