Algebra – like terms & expanding

Thanks to Nrich for this activity (via

Attached to this post is the game cards, rules and solutions for the activity which I plan to use with my 10 Int. class helping them to work well together and to consolidate knowledge of collecting like terms and expanding of brackets. Seems to be a generally good algebra activity to get their brains into gear? We’ll see how we go…

Algebra match cards-4




Here is a desmos task on like terms – ‘Collecting like terms‘ – is what it says…begins with character/disney type matchup for practice, then a cardsort on collecting like terms (note the teacher dashboard when you look at results shows you if it’s right or not).


This resource links to a video of Jon Orr’s on teaching like terms – I think he had a page somewhere with more context, that also listed to the fast food takeaway clip I’ve used before!

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