Parallel Lines worksheets, desmos etc

Here are a couple of resources I came across from the web looking for resources on parallel lines. The first is perhaps more complex/less ‘fun’, the second maybe for younger? Going to try the first one tomorrow – I came across it on twitter, from geomchat ( The second was a TES resource – thanks. Further ones added later below…

Parallel Lines worksheet
Edit: used this one for year 9 and seemed to go pretty well

Dinky King – Parallel Lines Questions from TES

Dinky_King_-_Parallel_Lines_Questions – Answers from TES

Parallelogram Mazes & Introducing Proofs

Scaffolded sheet for showing the reason for parallel line properties

Michael Fenton was working on a parallel lines/perpendicular lines Desmos activity that looked quite good on his blog, but didn’t appear to be finished/published yet? Might be able to contact him to explore?


To really get them thinking a bit further, how about this image and question posed around curly parallel lines!

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