25 Ways To Get The Most Out Of [The] Year

Just to round things off nicely with the ‘end of year reflection questions post – this one was taken from Megan Dredge’s email, January 2014 – thanks Megan!

“25 ways to get the most out of this year.


  • Be grateful 
  • Plan extra family time 
  • Write hand written thank you notes 
  • Create a vision board 
  • Schedule time just for yourself 
  • Plan that trip/activity you’ve always wanted to do 
  • Change your daily routine 
  • Start exercising 
  • Eat right 
  • Go to a conference or seminar 
  • Write your top ten goals and put them somewhere you will see them every day 
  • Get more productive 
  • Take charge of your calendar
  • Get up an hour earlier 
  • Go to bed an hour earlier 
  • Find a mentor 
  • Let go of other people’s opinions 
  • Get a new hairstyle or bust out with a new outfit 
  • Schedule a regular date night with your partner 
  • De-clutter your home 
  • Do something that scares you. And overcome it. 
  • Book in the doctor/dentist appointment you’ve been avoiding 
  • Volunteer your time for a good cause 
  • Intentionally take time to relax
  • Love yourself.”



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