Creating Classroom Culture

Some good comments were made during an early PPLE 2012 tute. One of the key things I remembered was this idea of creating a ‘culture’ rather than just a list of rules. Also, when making the rules etc., try to put them in the positive (e.g. be prepared, be respectful), rather than just don’t, don’t, don’t…
Be aware with all rules/boundaries etc. that once you let them do something (e.g. eat in class), they’ll push and push to see what they can get away with.

Note: it’s important to establish both the rules/culture ideas, and also consequences for if these aren’t followed. Can have good consequences too for if things are! When situations arise that need to be dealt with, be clear, seek ‘yes’/’no’ responses (e.g. Teacher: Do you understand me, yes or no? Student: Yes, but… Teacher: Yes or No?)

Some ideas discussed in this tute for rule ideas include: be respectful, no foul language, do your best (I’m all for PB’s!), support and encourage each other, ask if you need help, leave class as you found it, hats off, no phones………



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