Classroom Activities

Note: One idea from Aaron’s assignment was value of physical activity – a few mins at the start of the lesson to get blood flowing and improve behaviour/performance! Music was another idea I was keen to investigate further (see article sent to my student email specifically about music in maths classes!)

Ideas from PPLE class with Richard:

  • ‘Hand squeeze’ circle: time how long it takes to pass a ‘squeeze’ around the circle. Everyone join hands and squeeze gets passed along
  • ‘Apple and Orange’ (or anything else) circle: get two objects (e.g. pen/keys), pass them around circle in opposite directions. One is called an orange, the other an apple. As it gets passed around, person says, for example, ‘this is an orange’. The person replies ‘a what’, which gets passed back down the line to the first person who replies ‘an orange’. This goes back along the line. Gets tricky when they overlap!
  • ‘Matthew, Mark, Luke, John’ throne: 4 chairs with Matthew, Mark, Luke, John sitting in them. Others numbered around circle. Tap, tap, clap, clap, click, click – on clicks, say number or person. Need to keep in time with clicks or you’re sent back to start.

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