Mathematics and Christian Concepts

Something of a different post this one…! School is keen for us to ‘authentically’ incorporate Christian concepts in our teaching. I have struggled for many years to do this ‘authentically’. Please message me any ideas!!
It’s not that I don’t think God has a place in maths! I believe he created it and that there are so many wonderful mathematical things to appreciate in our world that God has made – an ordered, patterned world that we can admire, just like so much of maths. Anyhow, keen to record a couple of instances here where I’ve found a more natural ‘fit’ (although the students don’t always see it that way!):

  1. Congruency / congruent shapes: citing Hebrews 1:3 I’ve found it a good opportunity to discuss Jesus’ representation of God’s being. Would you call God congruent?
  2. Money / financial maths: the Bible says a lot about money! Jesus says a lot about money. This has been another topic where discussion can be had about the true value of riches (Proverbs?), the danger of wealth (Mark 10:25 or 1 Tim 6:10) etc. Could just generally explore: What does the Bible say about money?
  3. Probability: saw someone else do a kids activity the other day about a spinning wheel – things that we ‘hope’ might happen. But how certain are they? Contrast that to something that is certain – even ‘certain hope’ (e.g. Hebrews 11:1). Something about God/God’s love and the certainty of that. Discuss: how ‘certain’ is ______(insert Bible topic here). What probability would you assign to_______.
  4. Tests / assessment: how about a recent reading I received from the Bible Society (11/11/21). Raise a discussion on how students feel about being tested, about being assessed. Will they pass? Can open this discussion by saying: “how wonderful to have someone else sit the exam for me!” That’s the picture in Matthew 4. Discuss the Israelites being ‘tested’ in the desert – 40 years = failure. Then consider Jesus in the wilderness – 40 days = success. He passed with flying colours where they (we!) fail. A test we all fail at (Romans 3:23) Also Hebrews 4:15 – Jesus ‘tested’ in every way – aced it!
  5. Substitution!

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