Class size / pastoral care group / home room activities

Facing a new (well since 6+ years ago!) scenario for 2020 where I’ll be responsible for a pastoral care group (PCG) each morning at school. This is not a maths post… but one of those other important aspects of teaching I’m keen to primarily pool resources for, and also reflect on as necessary. Here goes…

  • Begin with a class name! Gives identity and helps connect/unite people
  • Can play ‘themed’ hangman – e.g. things that are stinky
  • Food is king! Can do brekkie’s etc., whether that be bacon and eggs or waffles etc., or cakes etc. in general
  • Giant ‘Jenga’ type games that might be available, or others like Finska, Bocce etc.
  • Link to a few games that look ok here
  • Old school trivia is always good fun (example), or online things like Kahoot!

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