Maths/Math related Images/Discussion starters

  • Sourced via twitter (@laurenduca), this one is a good statistics / bar graph / bar chart discussion starter!
When you're too concerned about Zika to remember how bar graphs work
When you’re too concerned about Zika to remember how bar graphs work


  • Another really interesting one on percentages was this article about Kogan from 2019. They were in trouble for increasing prices by 10% before having a 10% off sale. Interesting discussion around whether this ended up the same price or not and why?!
  • For more on percentages, Kyle Pearce suggested you could cover the percentages on this image and get kids to guess them – sounds like a nice easy way to generate some discussion and a low floor entry into percentage discussion
  • There’s so much maths here! In this photo/map published on 4/2/2020 showing spread of Orroral Valley fire – maps, scales, ratio, modelling, time, compass directions…Fire Situation Map High Res
  • One day I’ll have to try out ‘Exploding Dots‘ too – I’ve heard a bit about it!
  • This one was inspired from an open middle problem on two digit numbers (included in picture) but then I added my own… and it worked!
  • The concept here of ‘maths fails’ was something I’ve certainly seen evidence of when shopping before!
  • I was looking for an idea for a probability class and had some fun (and confusion!) with the first resource on the would you rather page, in particular working with the image below or the 2 dice version.
    We’d just done tree diagrams and it certainly reinforces why trees are a hassle with dice compared to coins!! But the brilliant thing was when one of the ‘lower flyers’ in the class worked out the pattern early on to show the answer! The answers we got were 25% and 56% for the above (L to R) and 50% and 83.3% for 2 coins/2 dice…?
  • I also came across a site with someone else’s ‘favourite math games‘ that might help either as a starter or during lessons.
  • Attached is a file I used (just mocked up) to commence looking at data and statistics and why we might use charts. I gave one part of the class (up the front) the charts and the others behind them the data. Asked them to not call out the answer but raise their hand once they had it for questions like, most expensive suburb. The kids behind eventually started wondering why the others were so quick 🙂 Went well! Book1
  • This one is a continually updated NY times site of graphs, taken from current news etc – posing the question: “What’s going on in this graph”
  • Also thought I’d throw this image in off Twitter (link to site here) as a reminder of both this, but also the 4’s challenge…
  • And on similar lines… ‘split 25

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