Maths/Math related activities/game/puzzle sites

Links to some pages to find maths/number related games:

  • KenKen
  • Stacks like Sudoku, Slitherlink, Futoshiki…
  • Tenzi dice game – saw it referenced on twitter… haven’t tried, but google it and find videos and other sites on how to play.
    NB – need lots of dice!
  • A bit different is PhET’s site of simulators – e.g. algebra tiles/scales, measurement etc
  • Here is a page full of different puzzles… I came across the site via a twitter link to the Hamiltonian maze page, which I couldn’t seem to find on the main page?
  • This one is a google docs link with various board games
  • And here is a page curated by Sarah with a range of puzzles
  • I think I’ve played logarithm wars before(?) but this site links to a whole stack of math games with cards
  • How about maths versions of two truths and a lie
  • This one isn’t a page of resources per se, but one activity that has received really positive feedback – Billiard Ball Problem (and end of year sort of task??).

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