Surface area tasks (inc Pop box design one for Year 8?)

Found this website on a search of the net for some good discussion/opening type question on surface area:

Thanks to the author there who has created some nice little videos and even accompanying worksheets to go along with the lesson. I mixed things up a little, but still had fun going through the process with the students.


Later on I came across another question prompt from Dan Meyer on surface area/volume… it’s ‘Dandy Candies‘: working out what design is most efficient for wrapping.

There’s also Robert Kaplinsky’s lesson on working out how much paint on a space shuttle! Incorporates surface area, volume… other measurement.

He’s done one on covering someone’s desk etc in foil too! (covers ratio/rates/nets etc too)

The other one I’ve tried before is the ‘filing cabinet activity‘ with stick-it-notes, described

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