Introducing Circles in Year 8

Key idea was to introduce circles and some terminology, moving onto developing some connections/relationships (with circumference, diameter, radius, pi…)

Began lesson with the general ‘naming dots’ activity, showing the importance of using labels, proper terms.

Then got kids to draw their own circles in books; any size, and label what they could. Didn’t matter if they didn’t get many. After a while I got them all to label radius, circumference and diameter and explore relationships between any of these. They came up with radius being half diameter, which we also noted could be written as diameter was double radius. With time running out, as a closing to the lesson, I asked them to divide their circumference measurements by diameter measurements and share some results which we listed on the board. The sample we came up with is shown below… with tomorrow a chance to explore this further and throw some questions at it!


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