Video Resource site and File listing stacks of web resources

Potential sources of some good information

1) (see also about a ‘safe’ way to view youtube in schools.


Came across second one during uni watching a video all about a family with multiple kids on the autism spectrum. It has a whole range of content for subject areas, as well as on other relevant issues, such as the special needs example mentioned above.

Weally Wonderful Websites GKICT V8 December 2011
(probably in the list?

See also: (used this site in RINE to watch videos on helping include deaf students, teaching/supporting students with dyslexia/dyscalculia, helping new young kids into school, working with Down’s Sydndrom kids etc.)

NB. Ashman & Elkins say that if interested in professional development to support students with ASD, we can access “Positive Partnerships” activities via the Helping Children with Autism package developed by the Australian Government.
For a powerful reminder on the impact on families (incl. siblings), check out:

Here is a resource Jenny W sent around about working with kids with ASD who find comprehension difficult.

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